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Grand Rapids, Michigan

Rover Haven is a maker of custom shell cordovan watch straps. 



Frequently Answered Questions

Q: Does Rover Haven build tapered straps?

A: Yes, our two-piece Arts & Crafts strap is available as constant width or tapered width.  


Q: About how long does it take to get a strap from Rover Haven?

A: Average turnaround time is about 4-6 weeks, but can become 8-10 weeks during busier times. 


Q: What colors are available?

A: We usually have the typical palette of Horween colors; however, bear in mind that Whiskey and Natural are often scarce from Horween.  Sometimes we have unusual colors, like Cherry, Green, or Navy.  



Q: Do you build straps for deployant clasps?

A: No. Every deployant system is different and it's not possible to utilize one design to address them all.  Requests for deployant straps are politely declined with our apologies. 


Q: Where does Rover Haven source its hardware?

A: We get our buckles and other hardware from vendors and manufacturers in California, the Czech Republic, Australia, Belgium, and China.  We will also procure and put the buckle of your choice on your strap if you are 100% committed to the project.  Ask for details. 


Q: I've heard shell cordovan is thinner/thicker than other leathers. True?

A: It depends on the weight of leather you are comparing it to.  Most people find that shell cordovan from Horween is a bit thinner than what they think of as conventional leather.  For practical reasons, we will use a thinner shell for one-piece and MIL straps, and the Arts & Crafts strap starts out with a medium weight shell which is then doubled.   We are happy to discuss your specific requirements with you.  


Q: I've heard shell cordovan is water-proof/bullet-proof and will last forever/not as long as other leathers.  True?  

A: Shell cordovan has some unique properties that offer advantages to the strap maker and strap wearer.  It has no pesky suede side for example, so the cut edges don't have to be burnished to keep from fraying.  It is less porous than conventional cowhide so it won't soak up water and get as flimsy and stretched-out as conventional cowhide.  Unless kept polished, it will assume a dull appearance over time.  It has an incredible aroma and tends to be very durable.  


Q: What is the ordering process?

A: Here are the things you'll need to know to place an order.  If you don't know any of these details, these are the things we'll talk about in the design process:

  • Lug Width: the distance between lugs of your watch.
  • Color: the shell color you're interested in.
  • Style: One-piece, MIL style, Arts & Crafts, Tapered/Non-tapered, etc.
  • Construction: Sewn, riveted, thread color, etc.
  • Buckle: We always have two basic styles and sometimes we have some oddballs too. See below.
  • Keeper: Fixed, floating, fat, skinny?
  • Length: If you don't know, we can make a recommendation based on your wrist size.
Your basic buckle choices are sewn-in-place NATO-style (left) and removable Crescent-style (right).  Both are available in polished or brushed finishes.  

Your basic buckle choices are sewn-in-place NATO-style (left) and removable Crescent-style (right).  Both are available in polished or brushed finishes.  

After the details of your spec are settled, your strap project gets placed on the queue.  After it's built , we will send you pictures of your strap and you can submit payment via PayPal.  Your strap then goes out in the next day's mail.  Because you don't pay until your strap is built, we ask that you be 100% committed to your project.  


Q: I've heard Rover Haven takes a sabbatical every year?

A: Yes, like you, we have all the same life commitments that keep us busy: kids, volunteer causes, day jobs, car projects, house projects.  To keep it all balanced, we have to take time off in the summer.  We also use the sabbatical to develop new products and re-stock raw materials. Typically, our strap sabbatical will commence mid-April and end in late summer or early fall.  Thank you for your patience, understanding, and patronage.